Get Found with Zero Spend: 7 Ways to Add SEO to Your Rails App

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Sure you have written some great code, but you still need people to find your app to become successful. Did you know there are easy things you can do right in your Ruby on Rails application to make this happen? You can utilize SEO (search engine optimization) techniques inside your code that gets the search engines finding it online. Here are the seven essential ways you can juice your search results without spending a dime for advertising.

Why is this important? By default, Ruby on Rails is un-optimized for search engines to find it. Without the techniques mentioned here, you are effectively "hiding" your application from users being able to find it in online searches, even though you may have built it with best coding practices and a great team.


Here are the basic ways to make your app more SEO friendly:
- Add Meta Titles into Controllers (use variables)
- Add Meta Descriptions in to Controllers (use variables)
- Put keywords in your Page Titles (in H1 Tags)
- No Index pages that have duplicate content
- Put often used search words in your page URLs
- Use Redirects
- Create or modify your FAQ page to use often-searched on words

These can include both dynamic pages and static pages (such as blog posts). You can also enforce that your team abides. Do this by requiring certain fields and constraints, right in your app.

Once you have written the code, you will rarely need to modify it, other than updating the keywords you are putting in to make sure they still are the most frequntly searched on, and that they still best represent your marketing messages.

In conclusion:

Most people assume that their Rails app can be immediately found online. It was eye opening to learn that our app actually was completely un-optimized for search and we were effectively "hiding" it even though we built it with Rails best coding practices and a great team. By following these 7 points to add SEO into your Ruby on Rails application you too can start to get found online by search engines, without spending a dime.

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