Bit Parrot An aggregator of API data and resources for developers to track information they care about

Project Description

This is a newer project, I am still building it out. This application was created because I found myself spending too much time tracking information about coding-related things I needed to be on top of (meetups, blogs, tweets, and things like that). I also wanted to find information specific to my city, without wading through lots of information ... and I also like building apps in Ruby on Rails. So rather than manually tracking all of this nefarious info I created an app to do it for me.

How It Works

The application parses data from various APIs behind the scenes and transforms that into ways a user can easily consume it.


Built on my own as a personal project.

Project Details

  • Framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • Templating and Presentation: Haml, Bootstrap
  • Testing: RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl
  • Tools and Misc: SQL, SendGrid
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: Heroku, CodeShip
  • DB: PostgreSQL
  • APIs and Integrations: Twitter API (more APIs to follow)
  • Delivery: Online

More Information

  • See the application online here
  • See the public repo here

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