Blocipedia A wikipedia clone

Project Description

This is a wikipedia-type app to play with Ruby on Rails and some tools that go with it.

How It Works

It has collaboration, privacy, and paid settings, uses Stripe, HAML, and more. Leverages a has many: through relationship between users and collaborators.

I have open sourced the code here.


Solo, built as a learning project, with review by my mentor. Developed, styled, deployed.

Project Details

  • Framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • Templating and Presentation: Haml, Bootstrap
  • Testing: RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, Better Errors, Pry Rails
  • Tools and Misc: Stripe for payments, Devise, Launchy, Pundit, Figaro, Redcarpet, FriendlyID, Simple Form.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: Heroku
  • DB: SQLite (development), PostgreSQL (production)
  • Delivery: Online Application

More Information

  • See the homepage and try the demo user here
  • See the public repo on GitHub here

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