Data Simply Powering sustainable investing (ESG Environmental-Social-Governance) for purpose + performance.

Available as online web application with email and SMS alerts, a widget, and APIs.

Project Description

Data Simply powers the sustainable investing movement with text analytics technology that reads words in company disclosures at the SEC and turns them into signals, at scale, for Sustainable Investing (ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance).

How It Works

Our software uses machine intelligence to track the companies and tickers you care about most, by having technology read and understand the words in their filings disclosures at the SEC. Filings data is pulled directly from Edgar on an hourly basis, cleaned, and analyzed using our own curated finance-specific ontology. Metadata tags for sentiment and frequency are added to each document. This is run at scale across the three major US exchanges and filings every hour. Users receive alerts on their portfolio via email and SMS.


Code as part of the team and run the business. CEO, Co-Founder, Software Engineer, DevOps. I have 1,200+ individual production code commits to the production application, and built the corporate website. Help with design which we did all in-house without a dedicated designer.

Project Details

  • Framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • Templating and Presentation: Haml, Bootstrap
  • Testing: RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl
  • Tools and Misc: Twilio, SQL, Sidekiq, SendGrid, Stripe
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: AWS, Heroku, CodeShip, LogDNA
  • DB: PostgreSQL
  • APIs and Integrations: SEC, Twilio, Numerous financial data providers
  • Delivery: Online Application and APIs (with multiple subscriptions both free and paid); Widgets; SMS mobile and email alerts


Raised seed funding. We have generated more than 90 million searchable tags on these documents.

More Information

  • See the corporate website here
  • See the application online here
  • See the widget in action below and here

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