Oracle Financial Web Applications Market-leading solution for web-based corporate financial management.

Global enterprise and client-user technology deployed in more than 25 languages and 30 countries for F500 customers.

Solution includes admin module for internal control in addition to separate modules for end users

Project Description

Financial web applications included corporate travel and expense management as well as internet receivables, payables, and incubation of new products.

How It Works

High-performing organizations choose Oracle web financials to dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to submit, approve, process, and pay expense reports, and process receivables and payables, over the web and mobile devices. Oracle web financials are part of the Oracle Financials family of applications.


Led team of 25+ developing this suite of applications. My responsibilities included strategy, engineering, product, quality assurance, integrations, and delivery. I was a manager (started as a product manager and worked my way up) and did not write code, however I was responsible for it.

Project Details

  • Framework: Java
  • Front End: JSP
  • Templating and Presentation: Forms
  • Testing: Various 3rd party automation test suites
  • Tools and Misc: SQL, PLSQL
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: Oracle
  • DB: Oracle
  • APIs and Integrations: Integrated with other Oracle applications and 3rd party partners
  • Delivery: Online, mobile, hosted and on-premise. Deliver on internationalized and localized international business needs for multiple currencies, languages, and character sets, across more than 25 languages and 30 countries.


Drove flagship product iExpenses from also ran to market leadership. Conceived and led a customer success program resulting in 100% referenceability. Adopted agile development methodology and rapid release cycles.

More Information

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  • See the overview for some (not all) of the products I looked after here

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