StompBox Tunes Social music trivia game

Early wireframe prototype

Project Description

StompBox tunes was a social, viral, category-leading quizzes application built inside of Facebook.

How It Works

This application developed a broader love of music appreciation. It did this by letting you involve (and challenge) your friends in music trivia quizzes. It also exposed people to new types of music by incenting them to try new categories they had not previously explored.


This was a personal project. I recruited and led a small team which included a music expert, designer, and developer.

Project Details

  • Framework: Facebook
  • APIs and Integrations: Facebook API
  • Delivery: Inside Facebook


This game grew extremely quickly as we carefully architected the social sharing paths and incentives. For example: Take a quiz: one point. Challenge your friend: two points. Beat your friend: five points. Unfortunately there wasn't a monetization path. However we learned a tremendous amount about how to wire an application for rapid organic viral growth.

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